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Cole Redhorse - Raising horses in Montana

Family Background

Mark's grandfather, Doc Edward Cole and his bride, Albertina, filed for a 160 acre parcel while they were honeymooning in Montana in 1906. When they were notified that their number had been drawn, they left Kansas and settled on a tract of land that was located three miles east of Sanders next to the Yellowstone River. Mark's father, Norris and his twin brother, Morris, worked with their father until 1944 when D.E. and Tina retired and moved to Billings. Throughout the years D.E. and his sons continued to purchase additional land when the opportunity arose. Morris retired from the ranch in 1972 and Norris continued to ranch. Mark and his two siblings were raised on the ranch. Margret, Mark's mother, lived on the ranch until 2005. Margret passed in 2011 at 102 years of age. The ranch is still owned and managed by Norris and Margret's three children. The ranch celebrated its centennial in June of 2006.

Barbara's grandparents, Allen and Laura Waechter, left Wisconsin in 1919 and homesteaded on land near Powderville, Montana. They moved to Rosebud County in 1940, where they ranched on Armels Creek until 1958, when they moved to a place one mile east of Forsyth and retired. Barbara's grandparents came to town every Friday and picked her and her brother up and they spent their weekends on the Armels Creek ranch.

Mark & Barb start Cole Redhorse

Mark and Barb were married in 1970 and moved to Shelby in 1973, living there until they purchased their place on the Marias River in 1994. They had a few horses which were pastured on leased land until purchasing their present place. In 1995 they purchased their first stud, All Reddy Smart, in Texas as a 2 year old. Although they had previously bred to outside studs, this was actually the start of their present program. The Coles felt very fortunate to have found such a great horse and were devastated when they lost him in May of 2011, just six days before his 18th birthday. 

It was a sad time, but eventually they started to look for a replacement and are very pleased with their new stud, Peptos Duke. He is also athletic, has a great disposition and has fit right into the program. His first babies hit the ground in 2013. Everyone is quite pleased with the new arrivals so far and anxious, to see what they will achieve. 

The Coles also have Hallmarked Playboy, a stud that they raised and are standing in Alberta, Canada. He has always been a favorite and since he was shown in Canada, they decided that is where he should make his debut.

Horses have always been a part of their lives. Over the years, Barb and Mark have also put together an impressive set of mares. Having always had an emphasis on pedigree, conformation and disposition, they believe they have done a good job in accomplishing this with all of their horses.

The Coles have two married children and eight grandchildren (1 granddaughter and 7 grandsons). They enjoy them all and always look forward to their visits. The Coles share their place with a Black Lab mix, a Kangal/Boz Shepherd, a Bichon and a Bichon/Minature Poodle, a cross-eyed cat, cows and the horses. 

If you are interested in getting in touch with Mark & Barb Cole about their outstanding line of horses and training program, give them a call at 406-434-5724. They love to talk horses! 

The Annual Montana Breeders Group Sale is held in Great Falls, Montana. Be sure to watch for their set of consignments!


Cole Redhorse featured in Marias River Livestock Association's July 2016 Newsletter

(Pages 7 & 8)